10 Reasons to Keep Sleeping

At Speed Sleep, we are constantly telling you the positive effects of getting more and better sleep. Our sleep techniques were created to help you fall asleep faster and procure quality sleep in a short time span. If you still need convincing, here are the ten best reasons to get more sleep in a simple list form. Think of it as ten reasons to hit the snooze button and keep sleeping!

1. Less is more. That is, less sleep might mean more weight. People who get less than 7 hours of sleep a night have a much higher likelihood to be overweight.

2. Lack of sleep makes you eat! Or, at least, it makes your eat poorly. Studies have shown that people who suffer from sleep disorders tend to choose a diet higher in cholesterol, total fat and total saturated fat.

3. Along with the weight and diet issues lack of sleep can cause, it also correlates to a higher risk of diabetes.

4. Losing sleep can leave you brokenhearted. A 2003 study found that heart attacks were 45 percent more likely in women who slept less than five hours per night than in those who got more.

5. In addition to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, the health issues continue with another related malady: high blood pressure.

6. Statistically, sleep-deprived drivers cause 20% of car accidents, independent of alcohol use. By getting insufficient sleep, you could harm yourself and others on the road.

7. Not getting a good nighttime rest can affect your balance. Seniors who were waking up during the night or were drowsy from lack of sleep during the day were twice as likely to sustain a fall.

8. For adults and adolescents, sleepless nights correlated to the effects of depression. People who suffered from lack of sleep experienced higher levels of mental distress, depression, and alcohol use.

9. Children affected by poor sleep habits are more prone to develop behavioral issues.

10. Your life might be cut short if you aren’t getting an appropriate amount of sleep. According to multiple sleep studies, those who get less than five hours of sleep a night have an approximately 15 percent greater risk of dying–regardless of the cause. Save yourself with some extra z’s!

If death, disease and depression isn’t enough to convince you that you should be sleeping more, continue reading here about the adverse effects of sleep deprivation. Your health and happiness might greatly increase from some assistance for your sleep!

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