2008 in review: The Best Of Edition

Time to wrap up 2008 and dive full force into 2009.  2008 was a great year for Speed Sleep, but its time to look ahead to the future and focus solely on 2009.  Before we bid farewell to 2008, lets take a look at the stories that centered the attention on sleeping problems and sleeping aids.

The mid week of April 2008 had an informative post on why people need sleep and the common benefits that it offers to the mind and body.  Sleeping plays a keys role in cognitive functions and allows the brain to function more efficiently the next day. Having a daily normal sleep pattern can help a person avoid sleep problems and sleep disorders.

Late July had an interesting article for parents that linked sleeping to child development.  WebMD discovered the need for children to have a sufficient amount of sleep to ensure proper mind and body development.  It is especially important for kids not to combat their sleeping methods with over-the-counter drugs because they can confuse the body’s natural biological clock.  Natural sleep aids, such as the Speed Sleep CD, should be used to assist sleeping methods.

A scary post for the month of November exposed the link between sleeping problems and cancer.  It was an early study to find any significance between sleeping and cancer, and the results were shocking.  People with sleeping problems were 47% more likely to contract cancer that people who had none.  Cancer has recently been projected to over take heart disease as the number one killer in America, which makes it even more important for people to eliminate their sleeping problems.

Those were just a few of the many posts that were created to alert people on the importance of sleep.  2009 will have more sleep studies conducted and you can be sure that we will be here to make those available to you.  However, why not start 2009 properly by introducing Speed Sleep to your deprivation problem and finally take control of your sleep and start dreaming again.

Happy New Year!

Speed Sleep

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