Fall Asleep Fast

Nearly one third of Americans have some kind of sleep problem, whether they are students struggling to stay awake after an all-nighter, jet-lagged executives, or sleep-deprived new parents. That’s more than one hundred million people who can’t sleep! In fact, a study by A.C. Nielsen (the company that monitors TV ratings) estimated that around 20 million Americans are watching television between the hours of midnight and 3am – and obviously, staring bleary-eyed at late night infomercials is no substitute for a good night’s sleep. What’s worse, 50% of all adults have used sedatives or other sleep aids at some point; 20% use them on a regular basis as a quick fix for their sleep problems.

However, sleep aids and medications are just a temporary solution to a permanent problem – they are just a band-aid for insomnia and related issues. Undoubtedly, the nation-wide sleep debt is a huge and growing issue, in regard to both our nation’s health and productivity. Enter Speed Sleep, an innovative, drug-free means of improving the quality and quantity of your sleep.
Speed Sleep is a simple recording that programs your mind and body to fall into a deep slumber rapidly and easily. There are two tracks – one for a rejuvenating power nap and one for a full night’s worth of sleep. All you do is listen to it on your stereo as you lay in bed and Speed Sleep will hasten your descent into dreamland.

Besides the energy boost you will gain from using Speed Sleep, you will experience increased productivity and creativity – after all, it is almost impossible to be industrious or creative when you are tired and out of it from a lack of sleep, and another cup of coffee can’t replace a solid night’s sleep or even a restorative nap. And of course, a good nap can take too much time and it can make you more exhausted than you were previously, and using sleep aids or sedatives at night can lead to being groggy for the entire following day. However, Speed Sleep can make it possible for you to nap or sleep and awake recharged and refreshed.

Speed Sleep can also benefit people who don’t normally suffer from sleep problems, like those who travel extensively (imagine being able to sleep soundly on a flight and avoid jet lag altogether!), or people who have temporary sleep but don’t want to use sleep drugs. For example, Speed Sleep is an ideal solution for pregnant women or children who can’t take the sedatives or tranquilizers that many people use to combat their sleep problems.

Envision how much more productive and healthy you could be if you could get a deep, restorative night’s sleep every single night and take a rejuvenating nap whenever you wished – you’d be ready to conquer the world every single day! So try Speed Sleep – you will be amazed at what you accomplish.

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