Assess Your Sleeping Problems: Do You Need A Sleep Aid?

Many individuals suffer from various sleeping problems and sleep disorders; however, most of them do not actually think they have a real problem. After all, don’t we all suffer from a few sleepless nights now and then? On the other hand, if you follow the latest health news and read the Speed Sleep blog regularly, you are probably already aware that even slight sleep deprivation leads all sorts of problems in the future. Want to assess the quality of your sleep? Ask yourself these six key questions:

1. How much sleep do you typically get each night? If it is under seven hours, or the amount varies widely between weekdays and weekends (e.g. you catch up on your sleep on days off work), you may want to consider a natural sleep aid like Speed Sleep.

2. Does day time drowsiness ever interfere with your work or other activities? Do you find yourself depending on caffeine to get through the day? This is a clear sign you are not getting enough rest at night.

3. Do you regularly “drive while drowsy“? Do you use loud music, open windows/cold air, or other tactics to keep yourself awake while driving? It has been proven that driving while fatigued (making you unable to fully concentrate on the road) is just as dangerous as driving while under the influence of alcohol or other controlled substances.

4. Do you typically have difficulty falling asleep with some kind of sleep aid each night? If you are dependent on a nightcap, OTC sleep medications, or prescription drugs to get to sleep, the answer to this question is still “yes”.

5. Do you have sleeping problems because you are stressed or anxious about something and therefore have trouble falling or staying asleep?

6. (For women only) – Are you suffering from sleep problems as a side effect of pregnancy because of physical symptoms or because you cannot use your customary sleep aids (e.g. prescription sleep drugs)?

If your answers to these questions are mostly in the affirmative, you should consider using the Speed Sleep program to teach yourself how to sleep more easily and effectively for the good of your overall health and productivity.

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