Better Sleeping, Higher Daily Productivity

Better sleeping has so many benefits that you might doze off trying to read through them all.  But one of the benefits that may seem counter-intuitive is the increase in productivity.  Americans often bring their work home with them or stay late at the office, which cuts into their sleeping hours.

It sounds reasonable that working longer and sleeping less would render a greater over-all amount of productivity, but the opposite may very well be true.  According to the National Sleep Foundation, half the respondents polled answered that they didn’t get enough sleep.  So every other American isn’t sleeping enough.  And 44% of all people surveyed by the Better Sleep Council said that when they were sleepy, they experienced a decline in their quality of work, showed poor judgment and had trouble retaining information.  This means that half the working population of the United States is producing shoddy work spotted with errors and showing the tell-tale signs of a brain frazzled by sleeplessness.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Correcting a mistake, or redoing something that is wrong often takes more time than doing it right the first time.  Better sleeping decreases the errors made by workers that are working tired and groggy, and will likely result in an increase in overall productivity.  Sleep is a fundamental need of a healthy life: sleeping less and working more ends up in short term gains with long term disadvantages.

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