Better Sleeping Links of the Week

It’s Friday; you know what that means right? It’s time for Speed Sleep’s “Better Sleeping Links of the Week”.  This week had some great articles that we wanted to share with you, our reader, to help better understand the importance that sleep has on the body. had a great article that about the sleep deprived brain.  The brain must have the proper amount of sleep to properly function during the next day.

Reuters Health reported on the effects of insomnia to the human body.  Insomnia has been increasingly gaining popularity with more and more people reporting on having symptoms.

Evolving Wellness continues its “Sleep Aware Series” with an interesting article about natural sleep aids.  They bring up some great points about the importance of sleep and offer suggestions on implementing an all-natural sleep aid to help the situation.

The BBC reports on a research that links sleeping problems to suicide.  Its a very intense link that showcases the possibilities of not attending to a sleeping problem. has great post that will have couples sleeping better together.  Not everybody sleeps that same way as their partner does, which is why it is important to recognize the differences and learn from them.

We hope that these articles give you some great knowledge about the importance of sleep.

Have A Great Weekend and Get Some Sleep!

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