Better Sleeping Links of the Week

After taking a week off from our famous “better sleeping links of the week”, we’re back with some more great links to keep all of you up to date.  We went with a more global approach for this week’s links because some interesting sleep studies were conducted on the other side of the world, and of course, we love including sleep studies.

Directly out of Helsinki, Finland comes a study about snoring tots possibly being linked to behavioral problems.

Keeping the global vibe alive, scientists from Germany and Israel have discovered that sleep disorders can potentially be diagnosed just from monitoring a heart rate.

We also found a scary sleeping study that links Insomnia with suicide.  We hope this one does not freak you out too much.

The American Medical Network reported on a study that revealed people with insomnia have a much harder time controlling their appetites.

And to close out this week’s post, we wanted to include a video that doesn’t necessarily connect with sleep problems or sleep aids; however it does explain a sleep related issue: bed bugs.


We hope that you have a great weekend and try to get some sleep.

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