Better Sleeping Links of the Week: April 18-24, 2009

Better sleeping links of the week is back, yet it seems like we just did last week’s link round-up yesterday… oh well.  We know that all of you are anxious to dive into this week’s discoveries, so lets get started.

We reported on this article from for our Wednesday post; however, its worth mentioning again because the NFL is practically a religion in the U.S.  -Story- Sleep Apnea Prevalent Among NFL Retirees. has press release about the first national sleep lab for over-the-road professional drivers.  This will help the large number of commercial drivers finally address sleeping problems. has a great little post about the affects of caffeine.  In general, people take in too much caffeine on a daily basis and because of that, sleep problems are becoming more common.

The subject of sleep and diabetes has been gaining more attention in the news these days.  ScienceDaily article:  Too Much Or Too Little Sleep Increases Risk Of Diabetes.

To close it out this week, SleepEducation’s blogspot reported on how sleep problems increase cancer pain.

As you can see, sleep has a large effect on people’s overall health, which is why it needs to be taken more seriously.  Be sure to check back with us throughout the week for more informational articles and sleep related posts.

Have a great weekend and get some sleep.

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