Better Sleeping Links of the Week

Sleep aids, sleeping problems and sleep news; that’s the general idea fueling our “links of the week”.  We found some great articles for you to read over the weekend so grab a blanket, plug in your computer, make some hot green tea, sit back and enjoy the reading.

A group of Georgia Tech students have crafted a device that allows individuals to constantly compute the amount of calories they burn—even as they sleep.

Reader’s Digest touches on how your diet may affect your sleeping pattern.  Its always good to have a healthy diet combined with a steady sleeping routine.

Evolving Wellness helps answer the question; How much sleep do we need?

Blue Dot Health has a great article about a study that links sleeping well with a stronger immune system.

Stars and Stripes reports on the military’s recommendation that soldiers in battle zone regions need to get 7-8 hours of sleep.

These are some great articles to become better informed on the importance of sleep.  The weekend is always a great time to get some more of that well needed rest; so do it.  Try sleeping in tomorrow morning so that you will be energized for the remainder of the day.  Remember though, don’t force yourself to sleep using sleep aid pills; never a good plan.

Have a great weekend

Get Some Sleep!

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