Better Sleeping News: Immune System Stronger While Sleeping

A small, yet extremely beneficial study surrounding the immune system and sleep has provided the medical world with some great results.  It turns out that the immune system becomes more active during sleep, which translates into a better defense for fighting off bacteria and viruses that may attack during the late hours.

This study is a prime example of how better sleeping can play an extremely vital role in the overall health of people.  Sleeping problems, when un-addressed for a substantial period of time, can worsen and potentially lead to a weaker immune system.  A weaker immune system means that the body’s natural germ fighting defense system is vulnerable to attacks which, in some cases, can be life threatening.

Simple daily practices, such as designating a specific window of time to go to sleep every night or eliminating high caffeinated beverages at least three hours before bedtime, can not only translate into a better night’s sleep, it can also mean an attentive immune system prepared to fight off sickness.  In general, getting better sleep every night will make a person feel more prepared to take on the day’s tasks.

Sleep is an important activity that the body needs to properly address because it has so many additional benefits, such as boosting the body’s immune system.  Sleeping problems, if in existence, will complicate the healing process and weaken the immune system.  People need to make sleep a priority and not a secondary issue.

Reference article:  Immune System Most Active During Sleep

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