Can’t Sleep? Ten Tricks That Will Help You Fall Asleep Tonight

You probably already know that sleep disorders pose a variety of health threats; however, being aware of the dangers of sleep deprivation doesn’t necessarily help you fall asleep each night.  In fact, anxiety about your lack of sleep may even contribute to your overall sleeping problem.  To help ease your pain, we’ve compiled a list of ten tricks that will help you fall asleep quickly and easily tonight.

1.  Cut The Bed Time Snacks – Eating right before bed, especially junk food, raises your blood sugar and makes it more difficult to fall asleep; furthermore, if you do manage to sleep, you’ll likely wake up in an hour or two when your blood sugar levels drop again.

2.  Turn Off The TV – Watching television directly before bed or while you fall asleep can make it impossible for you to relax and let your mind clear.  Turn it off at least an hour before you plan on going to sleep and read a book or write in a journal.

3.  Write It Down – If stress and anxiety are making it difficult for you to fall asleep, sometimes the simple act of writing down your thoughts can release the pressure.

4.  Don’t Take Drugs – Both prescription and OTC drugs can have a negative effect on your sleeping patterns (even sleep medications have long-term dependency issues), so fixing your sleep problem could be as simple as stopping, changing, or reducing your meds.

5.  Skip The Booze – While a drink or two may help you relax and drift off to sleep, that effect is short-lived and you’ll likely wake up in a couple hours; moreover, alcohol prevents you from falling into the deeper stages of sleep that provide true rest and rejuvenation.

6.  Hide Your Clock – Constantly checking a glowing digital clock face that lets you know exactly how many hours of sleep you are not getting is certainly not conducive to relaxation.

7.  Work It Out – Regular exercise (at least a half hour of physical activity per day) can promote consistent sleep, and besides you’ll have more energy during the day, a better physique, and overall improved health.

8.  Leave Your Work At Work – Sometimes working from home cannot be avoided, but keeping your work-related tasks in a designated area or office and stopping at least an hour before you are planning to go to sleep is key to clearing your mind.

9.  Keep It Cool – Ideally, the temperature in your bedroom should be under 70 degrees Farenheit – many people keep their bedrooms too warm and that can inhibit sleep.

10.  Listen to Speed Sleep – Of course we’ve included this one!  In fact, you can download the audio tracks right now so you can use Speed Sleep to help you fall asleep tonight.

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