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Lack of Sleep Linked to Cancer Risk

A recent study performed by researchers at the National Cancer Institute has linked sleep deprivation to an increased risk of cancer, Reuters Health Information reports.  The study shows that a consistent sleeping problem (regularly sleeping less than seven hours a night) can lead to a…


Stress and Sleeplessness in American Lives

Apparently, the increased scrutiny of the issues that face our country and world, brought on by the presidential election, is causing many Americans to suffer sleepless nights. Between the struggling economy, the threat of climate change and the US’s international conflicts, it’s no surprise that…


SpeedSleep’s Links of the Week

Since it’s Friday, here are your sleep-related links of the week! SpeedSleep suggests you stay up-to-date on your sleep news, for your own health benefits. Yet another study proves that too little sleep can cause increased risk of heart disease.