College And Sleep Aids: Bad Mix

It’s the week of finals and you have to crunch four subjects in your brain while completing a seven-page research paper on the life of the Asian Tiger.  The hours of bouncing back and forth from subject to subject seem endless.  Sleeping takes a back seat to your other school priorities…

Sidelining sleep for schoolwork can be a normal routine for college students, but it shouldn’t be.  Having a sleeping problem through college can mean the difference between actually understanding the material that is being taught to you.  A recent study discovered a sharp increase in the use of prescription sleep aids by people from 18-24.  The bad thing about this increase is that people don’t consider the negative possibilities that prescription drugs can have.

For students especially, prescription sleep aids can leave a person drowsy the next morning, which will ordinarily make the brain tune out information that is being thrown at it.  Another important factor that prescription drugs can have are their dependencies.  Once you take them for a while, your head can make it seem that you won’t be getting the proper amount of sleep without them.  Plus, you may have to increase the dosage after time to retain the same results.  No matter how you put it, it doesn’t add up to being a useful tool for getting sleep.

To avoid the risks of prescription sleep aids, try an all-natural approach that won’t trick your body into sleeping.  In the long run you will have a more accurate attention span while learning along with a better overall quality of sleep. Its that simple.

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