Dreams: A Beautiful Mystery In Life

One of life’s greatest treasures, and also mysteries, is encountered during sleep: dreaming.  Dreams can include anything, take place anywhere, and involve anybody in them, which is why they are such a magical experience. 

The uniqueness of dreaming is that they cannot be forced to occur.  Dreams come and go without notice, which is why they are a delicacy in life.  Wikipedia defines “dreams” as: a sequence of images, sounds and feelings experienced while sleeping, strongly associated with rapid eye movement sleep.  The best dreams occur when the mind reaches the REM stage in the sleep cycle.  Small discrepancies, such as lack of sleep or sleeping problems, will block the brains neurological activity that allows REM sleep to take place.

What are some steps or tools that can help promote REM sleep?  Better sleeping methods will, without a doubt, improve the efficiency of sleep.  However, contrary to popular belief, un-natural sleep aids (pills/drinks) will not improve one’s quality of sleep; it will only perplex the situation and make it harder to accomplish.  Sleeping aids force the body and mind to sleep with sedatives that normally block the REM cycle from occurring.  The solution for attracting REM sleep is by getting ordinary sleep, but if an outside source needs to be introduced to help, an all-natural sleep aid is the only option to turn too.

Start experiencing one of life’s natural beauties by getting a better quality of sleep.  Nobody knows where your dreams will take you, which is why that is half of the mystery.

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