Exercise Can Improve Sleeping Quality Associated With (PLM)

It’s an obvious fact to say that getting enough exercise will improve people’s health.  What may be unknown is that exercising can improve the overall quality of sleep, especially if you are affected with periodic leg movements (PLM).

PLM is closely associated with the restless legs syndrome (RLS), which affects roughly 10% of the United States’ general population.  Involuntary legs movements, such as twitches or kicking, occur through out a person’s sleeping routine.  It has now been discovered that exercising for at least 30 minutes, five times a week, will provide better sleeping results for RLS victims.

This study centered on the periodic leg movements (PLM), but it can certainly be applied to any situation.  Exercising naturally boosts the energy levels in the body that later on will lead to a better quality of sleep.  However, exercise is not a “solve all” solution to every sleeping concern; it is only a step in the right direction.

Different sleeping dilemmas need to be directed by other methods in order to ensure better sleeping.  There are hundreds of issues that can aggravate a person’s sleep, resulting in a groggy morning the next day.  It is critical to address the speed bumps that congest the sleeping process in order to give your body the proper recharge that it needs to face the following day head on.

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