Foods to Avoid Before Going to Sleep

The late night munchies always seem to strike people just before they turn off the lights to go to sleep.  Though it may seem like a good idea to fulfill your taste bud’s demands, try to stay away from this temptation at all costs.  Eating just before going to bed is not only unhealthy, it affects the overall quality of sleep.  If eating before going to bed turns into a constant trend, an unhealthy life style due to the lack of sleep will most likely follow.

Some of the foods that should be avoided at all costs before going to sleep can often times be some of the most tempting.  Keep in mind though, eating before going to sleep can greatly increase the chances of developing sleep problems.  Troubles during sleep can then lead to the introduction of un-natural sleep aids, which will only complicate matters even worse.  To sum things up; avoid eating before going to bed.

Here are a few foods that should be avoided at all costs before turning off the lights.

Ice Cream:

Ice cream is one of those late night snacks that will usually pop into mind while watching T.V.  The problem with this sweet tooth fulfiller is the sugar content.  Sugar, an extremely high stimulant, will keep you brain running at full speed and then follow it up with a daunting crash.


Easy to order, extremely tasty, a lot for a little. Those are just a few of the appealing characteristics that describe one of America’s most popularized food choices: pizza.  Pizza’s downside is the overwhelming amounts of grease that develop during the baking stage.  When the body tries to digest a slice or two of pizza, it usually has to go into over drive to do so.  Pizza can also cause those late night “wake ups” from the high acidity in the tomato sauce.


Not all cereal is bad to eat before bed, only the ones with high amounts of sugar.  Cereal can seem like one of those foods that are acceptable to eat during anytime of the day.  However, similar to ice cream’s dilemma, certain cereals are high in sugar and will have the same effects that ice cream has.  Plus, because sleeping doesn’t involve any physical activity, the additional carbohydrates within certain cereals will eventually turn into unwanted body fat simply because they will not be burned off.

To be honest, it’s never a good idea to eat before going to sleep.  Foods that are eaten late at night will only develop into body fat because metabolism will not convert them into energy.  A better strategy to take is getting started on a healthy eating schedule that will properly spread meals throughout the day.  This will promote a healthier lifestyle along with an overall better sleeping quality.  The lesson of the day is: Don’t eat before going to sleep.

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