Having a Late Bedtime Can Be Harmful to Your Health

Staying up late at night to catch the end of ESPN’s Sportcenter may not be such a great thing for your health.  According to Yu Misao, MD, of the Misao Health Clinic in Gifu, Japan, the fewer hours of sleep that men get at night translate into a higher BMI, blood pressure, and triglyceride levels.  The solution to this sleeping problem trickles down to paying more attention to bed times and the general quality of sleep.

Sometimes, it may be hard to jump in bed and fall asleep within a certain time period.  Occasionally, the common solution for getting a better sleeping quality is to turn on the T.V. and slowly fall asleep with it on.  This scenario, however, should be avoided from the get go because the later he hour a man goes to sleep, the higher his risk is for his arteries to harden and raise the chances of a heart attack.  Because Heart Disease is America’s number one leading killer for men, sleeping habits should be taken seriously to avoid additional factors that lead to its attraction.

The first step towards eliminating an unhealthy sleeping problem is to properly manage your functions before “calling it a night”.  A simple step in the correct direction would be to not eat anything at least three hours before going to sleep.  Late night snacks can easily promote obesity and greatly raise the chances of higher blood pressure.  Also, remove any television set that may be in the bedroom because late night television directly affects the process of going to sleep.  The bedroom should be used for only two reasons: sleeping and sex.  Lastly, don’t force the body to sleep with unhealthy sleep aids, such as pills.  Sleeping pills often leave people tired and groggy the next morning.

To help avoid the risk of heart disease, go to sleep at a decent hour.  Scheduled sleeping times mixed together with exercise and a healthy diet will provide an even greater amount of assistance towards a healthy lifestyle.

Ref Article: Late Bed Times Linked To Heart Disease

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