How it Works – Speed Sleep I

Speed Sleep is a drug-free way to achieve deep sleep quickly. This product actually helps you re-train your mind to be a sound sleeper “on demand.” The equivalent of a deep, relaxed sleep in just 25 minutes.

SS15-Chart-StagesSpeed Sleep is designed to focus the mind and body on accelerating your progress from being awake and alert to being a deep REM sleep.

For example, when you are wide awake, the kind of electroencephalographic waves – EEG waves – your brain produces are called Beta waves, which are the fastest at 12 to 32 cycles per second.

When you are drowsy, you are experiencing Alpha waves (8 to 12 cycles per second); when you are about to drift off to sleep, they are Theta waves (even slower at 6 to 8 cycles per second). Last but certainly not least, Delta waves occur only during REM sleep, which is the most important and restorative kind of sleep, and the kind that Speed Sleep delivers.

Speed Sleep is backed up by an established scientific method of patterning or conditioned response studied and proven by Nobel Prize winning physiologist, Dr. Ivan Pavlov (renowned for his experiments with conditioned reflexes). Now sleep is normally an “unconditioned” resource that all human beings are born with – we all have the ability to sleep. Nevertheless, factors like stress, health conditions, jet lag, a lack of consistent sleep patterns, the effects of aging, or myriad other sleep problems can destroy our natural capacity to lie down and fall fast asleep; after all, there is a reason the common saying is “I slept like a baby”.

By listening to Speed Sleep repeatedly you will quickly:

  • Achieve deep sleep within minutes
  • Awaken refreshed, even during the day, from a 25 minute Speed Sleep nap
  • Discover new sources of physical energy and mental sharpness
  • Minimize the effects of jet lag when traveling

Sleep on Demand


Speed Sleep consists of a guided visualization that uses voice and background music to condition a response of deep sleep. The tracks contain certain language patterns or triggers – called “anchors” – that generate this response, and with repeated listenings the anchors can even be used at any time, with or without the Speed Sleep audio. It works so well because Speed Sleep pairs an old sleep stimulus – lying down in a darkened room with closed eyes – with a new one, the words and music on the recording. With repeated listening, this audio will become strongly entwined with sleep in your mind that it will produce an engrained response – a state of relaxation and then a deep sleep.
At this point, you have essentially conditioned yourself to sleep intensely on command – and you will begin to experience the increased physical and mental capabilities that go hand in hand with regular high quality sleep.


Normal time to go all the way down is about 90 minutes. Speed SleepĀ® accelerates this process.