Benefits Of Napping: How Much Would You Pay For A Great Nap?

You’re probably aware that America is suffering from a nation wide sleeping problem. One of the nation’s most luxurious spas has created their own solution – the Kolher Waters Spa at Burr Ridge has recently added a new treatment to their menu of services: a $150 restorative nap, and several other high end spas are not far behind (and Yelo Spa in New York City already offers air conditioned sleep chambers to their clientele). Now, that price does include a massage beforehand, but still – how many people are going to shell out that much just to take a relaxing nap?

The statement that napping is extremely beneficial to your overall health is not in question; in fact, the same article that featured the spa treatment mentioned a six year joint study conducted by the Harvard Medical School and the University of Athens Medical School that found that a midday nap at least three times per week for at least 30 minutes reduced heart disease deaths by about one-third among men and women. Yet another one of the myriad health benefits of napping.

On the other hand, $150 for a fifteen minute nap (even in the most luxurious and relaxing setting possible) seems a little steep, especially for a one time only deal. In fact, it makes Speed Sleep seem like an absolute bargain at $19.95, not to mention the fact that you can listen to it again and again.

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