Obesity & Sleep Tied To Severe Health Issues

Obesity in itself is a problem. Now, a study included in the February issue of the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine has tied the subjects of obesity and problematic sleeping to serious health tribulations.

The issue with obesity and sleep apnea has been linked to the progression of liver disease, resistance of insulin and a less active life style.  Having an unhealthy weight constricts the air tube during sleep, which causes constant arousals throughout the night while sleeping, known as sleep apnea.  Sleep apnea is a dangerous sleep disorder that is now possibly linked to more severe health conditions.

Liver disease is a serious condition that needs to be addressed immediately to offset the deadly inflammation that occurs.  Having a sleeping problem while also being diagnosed with liver disease can progress the inflammation, leading to more severe liver damage that can turn fatal.   Not to mention an extremely costly hospital bill as well.  Liver disease from a sleeping dilemma can allow glycogen to build up which weakens the muscles.  If not properly addressed, the heart can fail.

Another serious health issue tied with obesity and sleeping is the body’s inability to produce insulin.  A low insulin level will make the body unable to take glucose for energy resulting in the body utilizing fat cells for its energy source.  In most cases this will lead to diabetes if not corrected early on.

All of these concerns are linked to obesity and sleeping problems.  Sleeping is not just needed to energize the body for the next day; it plays a larger role in functionality.  Getting the correct amount of quality sleep should be taken seriously to avoid serious health concerns.

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