Will playing the didgeridoo help you sleep better?

According to this article, the indigenous Australian instrument helps combat sleep apnea and disruptive snoring. Because disordered sleeping is often the result of weakened and collapsed upper airways, playing the instrument is considered therapeutic for patients who are awoken in the night by breathing issues. Who knew musical instruments could be useful as a natural sleep aid?

Our audio sleep aids help you fall into a better sleep more quickly, and we think that the addition of music to your sleep routine can be relaxing and helpful. But we definitely didn’t consider working music into your sleep patterns like this! The study found that those patients suffering from sleep disorders who enrolled in didgideroo classes and practiced at home saw significant improvements to their sleep health if they had been plagued by apnea and snoring. More specifically, the study found that, “Compared with the control group, daytime sleepiness and apnea scores improved significantly in the didgeridoo group. Partners of patients in the didgeridoo group also reported much less sleep disturbance.”

What’s the real lesson you can learn from this study? If your sleepless nights are bothering you and your partner, don’t be afraid to try new things to solve the problem. Whether it’s the didgideroo, nasal strips, developing a sleep routine or some sort of sleep aid– the solution to your sleep problems could be simple yet unexpected.

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