Poll Discovers That More People Are Sleeping Less

How many times a week do you wake up feeling groggy and weak?  If your answer is two or more times a week then you need to fix your sleep schedule.  What happens on those days when you feel groggy?  Well, usually they end up being really long days, especially if you’re at work.  Plus, waking up on the wrong foot can have a really negative effect on your performance throughout he day.

A poll conducted by the National Sleep Foundation found that a staggering number of participants consistently wake up feeling un-rested after sleeping from the night before.  To put it in a larger perspective, most Americans are waking up in the morning un-satisfied from their sleep.  If you think about it, this can be a potentially dangerous situation because of the different types of jobs in the world.  For example, lets say a medical surgeon woke up tired and exhausted on the same morning that he was scheduled to perform a major surgical procedure.  Because he did not fully receive the proper amount of sleep, he has not only put his performance on the line, he has put his patient’s health at risk too.  Perhaps the recent dilemma involving lack of sleep is what plagued the financial world just before it started to come crashing down.  You never know.

This poll also brings to light another health concern that is growing in the population: sleeping problems.  Disorders from sleep, such as: apnea, insomnia, restless leg syndrome or parasomnias are becoming more and more frequent in people’s lives today.  The only way to improve this situation is by implementing a healthy lifestyle switch and a better sleeping schedule.  Try going to sleep 15 minutes earlier each week until you are on a schedule that gives you a consistent eight-hour sleeping pattern.

Trust me, you will wake up every morning feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.

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