Proper Sleep Can Prevent The Common Cold

The cold and flu season is upon us and finding ways to defer the side effects is priority number one.  The common cold, which usually consists of a runny nose, cough, shivers, congestion and fever, can cause a temporary sleeping problem reducing the quality of one’s sleep.

A recent study performed by researchers from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA discovered that receiving the required 8 hours of sleep could help ward off the common cold that usually strikes around this time of the year.  When the proper amount of sleep along with the proper quality of sleep is achieved, the body naturally restores the immune system allowing it to fight of germs and viruses more effectively.

To shine light on another benefit from this study, simply getting the proper amount of sleep could save a person money that would have otherwise been spent on cold remedies.  Think about it; cold syrups, soar throat drops, fever-reducing pills and flu medication can all add up.  Those medications can set somebody back $50 if the case is serious enough.

Getting eight hours of productive sleep can not only leave the body fully energized, but it may also give your immune system that extra re-charge it needs to knock out the cold virus from ruining your week.  Having a cold is never fun because not only do you feel like garbage, nobody ever wants to be around you in fear of attracting the virus themselves.  So do yourself and others the favor by sleeping better to avoid a situation like this.

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