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Speed Sleep® CD

Review Summary
What is the most appropriate, the safest and most effective solution when we cannot fall asleep? Should we drink warm milk, take an herbal supplement or get a prescription for something stronger? Prescription pills can be dangerous and herbs are often unregulated. Guided meditation or soothing sounds may induce relaxation and facilitate sleep. Speed Sleep® is a 25-minute guided visualization using both voice and background music specifically designed to condition the response of deep sleep. It may be an ideal choice for someone experiencing mild to moderate insomnia.

Concept at a Glance

As mentioned above, Speed Sleep® is a guided visualization using both voice and background music specifically designed to condition the response of deep sleep. Track one includes The Daily Speed Sleep® Nap, designed for “power naps”. Track two consists of The Nightly Speed Sleep® Accelerator, which includes soothing sounds that are meant to be used at bedtime, when an individual can achieve a full night’s sleep.

According to the retailer, “Speed Sleep® contains certain language patterns or triggers called “anchors” that, with repeated “listenings”, can be used at any time …to trigger a state of deep sleep.”

Concept in Focus

The principle behind Speed Sleep® is a proven scientific method of patterning or conditioned response first posited by 20th century Nobel Prize winning physiologist, Dr. Ivan Pavlov.

According to Frank Prince, an engineer with a focus in the field of creativity, as well as the developer of this CD system, “Over time, due to lots of circumstances such as jet lag, stress, lack of consistent sleep patterns, health conditions or the effects of aging, we begin to lose our unconditioned response to simply lying down and achieving deep sleep like we had when we were babies or small children.” What he fails to mention is that as we age, we produce less Glutathione and Melatonin, which regulate sleeping patterns and induce sleep in myriad ways.


This product is said to re-train your mind to be a sound sleeper, as well as find in yourself new sources of physical energy and mental sharpness.


• An alternative to invasive drugs and other harmful therapies
• The retailer offers a money back guarantee
• Fairly inexpensive


• Lack of sleep can cause us to fall ill
• Those predisposed to mania and other mental health conditions may be made worse if they cannot achieve quality sleep
• This product does not make use of some of the other supplements that are effective and safe sleep-inducing elements found on the market

Final Thoughts

Speed Sleep® should be considered by those persons who prefer not to take pills for insomnia and other ailments. It is suggested as a tool for consumers who experience very infrequent insomnia. A good night rest is vital to our overall health and sense of happiness and well-being. Frequent inability to sleep soundly may indicate an imbalance, a mood or anxiety disorder.

How does one choose the product that is right for you? A supplement made with one key ingredient and supported by two or three other natural high quality ingredients is a good place to start. An individual should look for a product that promises it will work swiftly and consistently and delivers. A sleep aid that will not cause a next day hangover effect that are often worse than insomnia itself is what a consumer needs. Cysteine Milk Peptide® is clinically proven to break down natural stimulants, like caffeine, which can interrupt one’s sleep cycles. We believe individuals should look for a supplement also made with Melatonin for best results.

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