Sleep Aids and Their Nasty Side Effects

Sleep aids – over the counter pills and prescriptions – are the primary alternatives for people looking for a quick fix to get a good amount of sleep.  However, taking a sleep aid that forces the body to sleep is perhaps one of the worst ways to get an accurate and healthy amount of sleep.  The human brain is not dumb; it can recognize when an artificial sleeping agent is affecting its patterns of functionality.  The result of using taking a pill to get “better” sleep usually comes with multiple negative forms known on the warning labels as: side effects.

We’re going to throw this out there: unnatural sleep aids (pills) are a bad route to take if your trying to get better sleep.  Now that we got that out of the way, here are some of the side effects that can come from using these drugs – some obvious, others not.




-Constipation, Upset Stomach

-Blurred Vision

-Cotton Mouth (dry mouth)

-Loss of Memory (long and short-term)

-Dependency Over Time


These are the basic side effects that people commonly link with sleeping pills and other aids.  Lets look at some of the more stranger types of side effects that users have apparently reported.

-Hallucinations:  cases have been reported where people have thought they’ve seen things actually never were there.  Hallucinations, you would think, would be more associated with illegal drugs that are taken for that specific reason.  For some bizarre reason however, sleeping pills can produce awkward images and scenes to appear.

-Sleep Walking: this particular side effect can be a common occurrence in people who take large doses of prescription sleeping pills.  Sleep walking doesn’t necessarily only qualify as walking while you are sleeping; there are a variety of possibilities.  For example, here are a few: unconsciously cleaning your house, hiding objects around your house, having a conversation with yourself, acting out a scene, etc.

-Sleep Driving:  This is perhaps our favorite, yet its still a very serious side effect that, in perspective, shouldn’t be seen as a joking matter.  This one pretty much speaks for itself; driving while being asleep.  People have been reported to wake up inside their cars without knowing how they got inside, why they’re in the car, and why the engine is running.  Its a very scary side effect that can possibly result in serious bodily injury.

Let us be clear about something: None of these side effects are funny, nor should they be seen a joking matter.  Side effects occur when the brain is unnaturally altered by an artificial substance, such as sleep aids.  The best and most effective way to get a health amount of sleep is to do it naturally.  It may seem hard to achieve, however, natural sleep will benefit the human body better than any sleeping aid will ever do.

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