Sleep and a Low Stress Lifestyle

We at Speed Sleep know that 7-8 hours of sleep a night is the minimum amount you need to be fully functional all day. We also know that most people don’t get that much. Even with the shortened amount of time it takes to fall alseep with the assistance of our sleep aids, the time that adults in our culture have to dedicate to nighttime rest is limited. That’s why afternoon naps are essential, if you can find a way to take them.

Our sleep aids are also designed to make the most of short naps. By enhancing the quality of your sleep, you only have to set aside a short amount of time in the afternoon to keep yourself from the detriments of lack of sleep. You can prevent drowsiness, grogginess and delayed mental and physical reaction time simply by reenergizing in the early afternoon. A little extra sleep can help you relax and accomplish your tasks more quickly and effectively, reducing your stress level overall.

According to this article, “Research shows that you can make yourself more alert reduce stress and improve cognitive functioning with a nap. Mid-day sleep, or a ‘power nap’, means more patience, less stress, better reaction time, increased learning, more efficiency and better health.” For a more leisurely existence, start scheduling a nap into your day– and make it worthwhile by employing Speed Sleep’s better sleep techniques.

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