Sleep and Child Development: The Importance of Sleep For Your Child’s Growth

WebMD says that making sure your child gets good, sound sleep ensures that he or she will have a sound foundation for proper mind and body development.  However, many people do not realize that children may have trouble sleeping or even suffer from sleeping problems, because most kids are so active and rarely seem to have difficulty napping or falling asleep.

With today’s children having busy schedules packed with activities, sports, and lessons of all kinds, their overall sleep debt is beginning to build at an ever-younger age.  Bedtimes are being pushed back and naps are being skipped in order to accommodate an increasing amount of school responsibilities and homework as well.  In fact, many high-achieving kids may be sacrificing sleep for academic and athletic success.

While getting enough sleep is clearly important, optimal sleep for a child’s growth also means uninterrupted sleep that is in tune with natural circadian rhythms, or the child’s internal biological clock.  Furthermore, children that have trouble sleeping should not rely on prescription medications or over-the-counter sleep drugs, since those can have a negative impact on their development and possibly lead to dependency later in life (making an audio track like Speed Sleep ideal for children with sleep problems).  Of course, the ideal amount of sleep varies by age and individual, but making sure that the kids get their proper rest is a key element of good parenting.

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