Sleep and Learning, Necessary for Success

Learning quickly is an essential skill for success in school, business and life. To be able to pick up new skills and information and put them into use quickly makes adapting and growing easier in any field. These days, more and more studies are proving that a good night’s rest is one of the most important needs to be able to learn rapidly.

Sleep studies consistently show that to be able to learn new things, you need better sleep to ensure alertness during your learning, but also that you need a full night of sleep afterward to process and remember what you learned. Scientists have developed the memory consolidation theory of sleep to basically explain that sleep is a necessary time for your brain to store and develop things you learned during the day. More specifically, you may forget or not be able to process things you learned if you are subjected to sleep deprivation. This site reports that, “In one study, researchers found that depriving students of sleep after learning a new skill significantly decreased memory of that skill up to three days later.” If you are sluggish or inalert, and further if you are unable to retain and employ your knowledge, your skill set will not build and grow. Clearly, this could be hazardous to your career or your grades.

Since we all have problems finding enough time to get sleep, the best way to maximize your sleeping time is to fall asleep quickly and soundly. Speed Sleep enhances the time you dedicate to sleeping by assisting you to fall asleep as quickly as you can, and then, by helping you fall into the productive stages of sleep for learning and memory. By combatting sleep problems, Speed Sleep can therefore improve upon your learning ability, opening you to the necessary factors to succeed.

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