Sleep Articles Are Continuously Making News

“Sleep is so obvious that it is often overlooked, even by physicians.” – Dr. Woodie Kessel, assistant surgeon general and a member of the 2009 Sleep in America poll task force.  This statement is directly on target with the general perception of how people view sleep.  The result of people overlooking the importance of sleep will usually result in the development of sleeping problems that, over time, can lead to other health concerns.

We have been saying that sleep plays an extremely crucial role in the general health of people from day one; others are starting to realize the truth behind this discovery and have started reporting it more and more.  The Bolingbrook Sun, a newspaper of a western suburban town outside of Chicago, IL, wrote a brief yet informative article on some sleep related facts for their viewers to read and take in.  Sleeping problems have recently begun rising due to the poor global economy.  Now, perhaps more than ever, is a great time visit a doctor to make sure that: 1. You don’t have a sleep disorder and 2. You aren’t experiencing any additional health problems that may be connected to your sleep.

We’re pretty sure that sleep related stories, similar to the Bolingbrook Sun’s article, will start to pop up every now and then to consistently stress the importance of sleep.  Keep in mind, don’t overlook sleep and pass it off as a non-important part of the day.  Sleep and rest are important stages that revitalize the mind and body to properly function, which is why they need to be addressed and taken seriously to promote a steady well being.

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