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Speed Sleep Links of the Week

As always, here are our favorite sleep related links of the week: But You Don’t Look Sick reviews Dr. William Dement’s (a legend in the world of sleep research) amazing book on the subject of quality sleep, The Promise of Sleep.


Some Great Nap Tips

Here are some quick tips that will improve your napping skills. They can be used just before you do a Speed Sleep: Take six deep breaths– After you get comfy, take six really deep, slow, breaths. If you can, breathe in from the nose, and…


The Many Risks of Driving While Sleepy

You already know that is extremely dangerous and unwise to drive in hazardous conditions or to drive drunk, however, did you also know that is just as risky to drive while sleep-deprived?  The 2008 Sleep in America Poll found that sixty-four percent of drivers who…