Sleep Problems and Caffeine

Sleep problems cannot be cured by drinking cup after cup after cup of black coffee.  Coffee, a common morning stimulant, is OK to consume when it’s done in moderation.  However, over consumption of caffeine rich items, such as coffee, can lead to some annoying side effects that can actually decrease someone’s productivity throughout the day.

In America alone, millions of people start their mornings off with a freshly brewed cup of Joe to help speed up the “waking-up” process.  Coffee beans, in their natural state, have a decent amount of caffeine within its structure.  These days, however, coffee shops have modified their menus to include additional “caffeinated” shots to double, and sometimes even triple, the amount of caffeine that a simple 20oz. coffee can provide.  Caffeine is a legal stimulant that can quickly become addictive to somebody who consistently uses it, and it can often have some nasty side effects when consumption hastily stops.

Besides having sleeping problems develop or in some cases having them get worse, caffeine has other notable side effects as well.  For instance, a serious health concern linked to caffeine is an increased heart rate that over time can lead to more serious medical issues.  It’s never good to over consume a stimulant that over time can potentially alter bodily functions such as increasing a heart rate.  Caffeine also has a nasty crash attached to it after the “high” wears off.  Often times, people who experience the caffeine crash will automatically resort to buying more caffeine – coffee, soda, energy drinks, etc – in hopes that they will re-wake themselves.  It’s a continuous cycle that re-occurs everyday for millions of people that don’t fully understand the negative effects that they’re doing to their bodies.

In order to avoid developing any serious sleeping problems and to eliminate the experience of going through the nasty side effects of in taking too much caffeine, simply monitor caffeine consumption.  Instead of pounding back three coffees throughout the day, drop it down to only two, then go a step further and reduce it to only one.  Who knows, over time your dependency to coffee may fully disappear leaving you with better sleeping results and a larger wallet with all of the extra un-spent cash not being wasted on gourmet coffee drinks.

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