Sleep Problems Possibly Linked to Behavioral Troubles in Children

Mention the words “Bed Time” to any child and you may be in for some unwanted complaining.  Yes, most children hate hearing those words; however, children need to get an adequate amount of sleep at a very young age in order to avoid the possibility of developing a sleep problem, and even worse, a behavioral disorder.

A study out of Helsinki, Finland found that sleep problems in children due to inadequate sleep leads to behavioral problems.  This study looked at the 280 participants of both boy and girls to help determine the link between lack of sleep and the development of behavioral issues such as ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder).  The results from the study did show a small link between the two issues at hand; however, the lead researcher said that more tests needed to be conducted to fully link the two together and to also learn about preventative measures.

Looking at the test and the results that were produced, it shows how delicate one’s health is when it comes to the importance of sleep.  Especially true in a child’s early development stage, sleeping plays a crucial role in how the brain properly functions.  Better sleeping patterns need to be practiced by children of all young ages to ensure that the brain, along with its memory functions, can fully expand into a healthy state.

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