Sleeping Problems for Canadian Farmers

Farmers in Canada are experiencing sleeping problems due to stress brought on by the economy.  Farmers especially need to get the designated seven to eight hours of sleep because their job requirements are more demanding than most occupations.

A hand written questionnaire was sent out to farmers in two rural municipalities of Saskatchewan, Canada.  The respondents were asked to answer questions regarding their sleep patterns in the high season and the connection it has with their economic worries.  The results showed a significant link between sleep problems and economic stress.  Most of the participants reported losing sleep because of sluggish cash flow and financial pressure.

To farmers, getting the proper amount of sleep is vital.  Farmers log in extremely lengthy workdays that most people can’t handle.  Their duties demand heavy amounts of physical activity through long and laborious hours.  Some farmers, who only achieved up to six hours of sleep due to stress, could see a dip in their productivity resulting in a sluggish income.

The need for improving the quality of sleep in farmers is great.  Introducing sleeping aids such as pills would only temporarily fix their nagging problems.  Plus, sleeping pills often produce drowsiness throughout the day making tasks more complicated to finish.  A natural sleep aid, such as Speed Sleep, can reverse ones sleep shortage and rejuvenate their energy for the day.

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