Sleeping Problems In China Prove That A Good Night of Sleep Is Vital To Ones Health

It’s a no-brainer that getting a good amount of sleep on a regular basis is an important factor in how people function throughout the day.  A recent sleep study performed in China that lasted nearly a decade showed sleeping problems, such as too much or lack off sleep, can have an absolutely horrific effect on your overall health.  Simply put: being sleep deprived is extremely harmful and oversleeping also poses health risks.  Doing either can increase your chances of heart disease over time – we are guessing that having a heart attack isn’t on many peoples’ New Year’s resolution lists.

Here are some numbers from the study to think about: people who slept five hours or less were fifty-seven percent more likely to be affected by heat disease while people who slept nine hours or more were at a seventy-nine percent greater risk.  That said, you don’t need to freak out if after a long night out on the weekend you happen to sleep for significant amount of time, let’s say ten or even twelve hours.

Nor do you have to worry if you only get four to five hours of sleep the night before a meeting or anything else that is semi-important – every once in awhile is perfectly okay.  However, If you find yourself sleeping in for hours on multiple days of the week, or depriving yourself of sleep, you might want to find an alternative method to help combat your sleeping problem.

The usual solution that people reach for is sleeping pills, which is a horrible way to resolve to a potentially serious problem.  Essnetially, sleep meds can make you become dependant on them, so you won’t sleep unless you pop a pill.  Soon enough, pills can lose their effect once your body is familiar with them, meaning you’ll need to swallow more pills to get the same ole’ night’s sleep again.  So what other solutions are out there that will help you get a regular, normal amount of sleep without the worry of side affects and other potentially harmful health issues?  The answer (drum roll please…) Speed Sleep, an incredible audio sleep aid that will help you fall asleep and stay asleep, drug free.

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