Sleeping Problems in Retired NFL Players? Really?

The beautiful month of May is fast approaching.  Baseball has finally kicked off and is coming out strong, the NHL is sadly finishing up with the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs finishing up, and oh yea, football is in the news too.  It’s only late April and football is hitting the newswire, but not in a sports related kind of way, more of a sleeping problem kind of vibe to be quite honest. 

The NFL is a tough league to survive in, and because of the physical roughness, the players involved take a brutal beating to their bodies.  According to a study presented at the American College of Cardiology Annual Scientific Session, sleep apnea has become more common for the NFL’s retired players; particularly the lineman.  If you follow professional football you probably already know what a pro-lineman looks like; however, if you don’t, the only valid comparison would be an overweight elephant with the overwhelming strength of lion… get the picture?  The sleep problems tend to start after retirement because these once continuously active athletes are no longer active throughout their retirement.  The lack of activity translates into weight game with further translates into sleep apnea from the extra weight on the body.

As a health related issue, retired players – not just in the NFL – need to monitor their health statuses on a consistent basis to ensure that sleep problems, along with more serious medical issues (heart disease/stroke) don’t develop.  Just because athletes retire, it doesn’t mean that they will stay in shape because of the multiple years of roughhousing under their belts.  Its actually the opposite because ex-professional players need to maintain a different training routine to reduce the effects that retirement can have on their bodies.

So, to all of our retired NFL and other professional sports players: – we know we have many of you (ha) – Make sure that all of you take care of your health following retirement.  Yes, you can still shovel down thousands of calories throughout the day; however, make sure that you cancel it out with some proper exercise and a sufficient amount of sleep at night.

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