Sleeping Your Way To A Perfect Body: How Regular Sleep Affects Your Physical Fitness

There is substantial medical evidence that the quality and amount of your sleep, or the lack there of, affects your appetite and therefore your weight and overall physical fitness. According, individuals who suffer from sleep disorders or sleep problems may also be overweight or obese, or at least have difficulty maintaining an optimal weight.

The hormones leptin and ghrelin work as a system of checks and balances system to control your appetite – whether or not you feel hungry or sated, as well as how soon you feel hunger pangs after eating. These same hormones are also affected by the amount of sleep you get each night. For instance, lack of sleep causes leptin levels to drop, which leads to less satisfaction with your meals and causes you get hungry more quickly after eating. Furthermore, not getting enough sleep causes ghrelin levels to increase, which stimulates your appetite, causing you to want more food even if you are consuming enough calories to fuel your body.

Of course, being sleep deprived also causes people to reach for sugary beverages or candy that may give them a quick boost; soda, ultra-sweet coffee drinks, and other empty calories to get them through the day, which does not exactly help them achieve optimal health.

Although regular sleep alone won’t lead to a perfect body, it is certainly a step in the right direction. So why not take advantage of something that you have to do anyways with Speed Sleep’s Health and Fitness audio tracks?

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