Sleepless Teachers in Our Schools?

Although usually it’s the kids getting busted for falling asleep in class, the bigger issue might actually be with our nation’s teachers. The Washington Post is reporting that one in four American teachers suffer from sleep problems that effect their classroom work. Since lack of sleep can cause mood swings, forgetfulness and irritability, here’s hoping your children get a well-slept instructor! 

According to a Ball State researcher, “Sleepy teachers are at a higher risk of providing insufficient supervision and inferior classroom instruction.” Women were also more prone to sleep problems than men in the classroom, and still “only a third of all school personnel said they got a good night’s sleep most of the time.”

What’s behind our teachers’ lack of a good nighttime rest? It could be another American social issue– the teacher’s salary. “Many teachers are forced to coach, farm, run a family business, or work a second job just to pay the bills. When you factor in the responsibilities of raising a family, it is easy to see why teachers sleep so little. There is very little time.”

A mental sleep routine could help send our teachers to a restful deep sleep quickly and easily, even if they can’t squeeze in an early afternoon power nap! Read more about our teachers’ sleep patterns and consider how sleep might be affecting your day to day work.

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