Speed Sleep: Links Of The Week

A lot of news has surfaced this week that pertains to the importance of getting more sleep.  Like we have said in the past, sleep should not be an overlooked subject.  Better sleeping quality will eventually spark a healthier lifestyle due to the increased amount of energy.  Take a look at these great articles to help understand sleeping is so important. gives a brief, yet detailed, touch up about the meaning of sleep deprivation.

The cloudy subject of linking mental problems with sleep is attacked, and offers an interesting twist to the usual conclusion on this subject.

A study designated to understanding the impact of anxiety disorders and migraine on sleep quality has created some knowledgeable buzz in the medical community.

The ever so popular topic surrounding the concerning issue of snoring is tackled by Science Daily.

Finally, a serious post on the potentially fatal outcomes tied together with sleep apnea.

We hope that these articles have improved your outlook on getting better sleep.  Be sure to keep checking Speed Sleep’s “news” section for the latest updates about sleeping problems and sleep related topics.

Have a great weekend!

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