Speed Sleep’s: Better Sleeping Links of the Week

Another addition of our weekly post: “Better Sleeping Links of the Week”.  We went through a ton of articles this week and choose the best five.  Hopefully these will help inform people on the benefits of getting a good nights sleep without the assistance of unnatural sleep aids.

The first article we want to showcase is about sleep deprivation linking to prediabetes.  We talked about this one earlier in the week and it turns out that one of our readers deeply related to this article and made a medical discovery of their own.  Tune in next week for a detailed story about their experience. has a great story on how sleeping problems can last more than a year in some cases.

Advertising Age magazine writes on how sleep aids are seeing an increase in the market because of the economy.  More and more people are turning to unhealthy sleep pills to force themselves to sleep in these rough times.

Medical News Today has an article that is reaching out for military veterans to participate in a sleeping study.  This study will hopefully find answers on why post-deployment stress disorder links with sleeping abnormalities.

To close the week out, we found an article giving some tips for women who happen to have issues with sleeping.

The weekend is here again, which means its time to relax and get some good quality sleep.  Try going to bed 30min earlier this weekend Friday – Sunday.  It may just help you out in the long run and who knows; maybe you’ll wake up feeling more energized and ready to take on the day.

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to get some sleep.

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