Speed Sleep’s Links Of The Week

The first official month of 2009 is wrapping up.  Hopefully your New Year’s resolution included improving your quality of sleep.  If not, here are more articles to stress the importance of sleeping.

Some brain information on how support cells put the brain to sleep.

Interesting news about sleepless children becoming overweight should grab the attention of newbie parents.

Ever wonder how American Presidents deal with sleep? a brief video touches on the effects.

Sleeping for an extra hour can help the heart stay healthy.  Very good to read if heart disease is in your family tree.

The all to familiar sleep-wake cycle is examined more deeply to truly understand it’s existance.

It’s important to understand that getting better sleep will only promote good health for one’s body.  If sleep is constantly taking a backseat to other situations, it may come back to haunt you.  Get some sleep this weekend, but do it naturally.

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