Speed Sleep’s Links of the Week

Its that time of the week again when we give you, the reader, links to promote better sleeping habits.  There are thousands of sleep related articles that flood the web and newspapers every week, but we take the time to provide only the best and most relevant.

Check these out:

The National Sleep Foundation focuses on sleep hygiene; ways to get better sleeping results.

This article offers a study to will be conducted on willing participants who think that they may have a sleeping disorder.  The study would take place in the comfort of a user’s home instead of a lab.

A study by the University of California shows how brain activity is affected when sleep deprivation becomes an issue.

A weird but interesting story about daytime sleepiness being linked to the deaths of elderly people.  Its not a study that is set in stone, but it does raise an eyebrow.

A fun, yet interesting, story that relates to the millions of coffee drinkers in America.  It appears that coffee consumption can be a good thing for women these days.

After reading these articles, try to focus on the clearly stated fact that sleeping plays a huge role in the health of people’s lives.  If you’re not getting enough; change it.  Sleep is your body’s friend, not its enemy.

Have a great weekend and get some sleep.

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