Speed Sleep’s Links Of The Week

Every week Speed Sleep compiles articles and news related topics that showcase sleeping problems and the dangers that are linked to them.  The reason behind our “links fo the week” idea, is to give our readers material to brush up on during the weekend.  Check out these for example:

Science Daily reports a shocking discovery about the Mortality Risk being Greater For Elderly Women Who Nap Daily. touches on the increasingly popular subject about the economy being down and the sleeplessness being up. has an intersting write-up about what your sleep position can say about you.

A Massachusetts news channel provides us with a very detailed article on the theory that sleep apnea can cause heart disease.

To close this post out, gives a brief write-up about the differences/similarities between depression and sleep disorders.

We are sure that these articles will keep you busy this weekend, and maybe, even change your view on the severity of sleeping problems.  Like we always say at the end of each week; get some sleep.

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