Speed Sleep’s Links of The Week (5/2-5/8)

Another edition of our popular “Links of the Week” is here to bring you this week’s breaking news about sleep aids and problems during sleep.  Lets dive right into things and get this sleeping informational party started.

Lets kick off our link round-up with a sleep related exercise routine that may shock a large percentage of people who read it.  Read the title: Tongue Exercises May Benefit Sleep Apnea Sufferers

Next, a more bizarre article from U.S News about sleep problems becoming legal problems.

Here is nice little descriptive article about sleep disordered breathing in primary care medicine., one of our favorite informational websites, has an interesting article that ties the current Swine Flu epidemic with sleeping problems.

Lastly, we wanted to include a video that briefly touches on an allergy free subject that links food allergies with sleep.  Here is the short little video.


We hope you all enjoyed these articles

Have A Great Week and Get Some Sleep.

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