Stress and Sleeplessness in American Lives

Apparently, the increased scrutiny of the issues that face our country and world, brought on by the presidential election, is causing many Americans to suffer sleepless nights. Between the struggling economy, the threat of climate change and the US’s international conflicts, it’s no surprise that American citizens are stressed, but why should that mean you can’t fall asleep? Nighttime sleep is when you should be able to shut your brain down, despite the worries of your day– SpeedSleep can show you how.

According to this article, a sleep study conducted for AmericInn Hotels found that, “economic fears (36 percent) lead the reasons for American sleeplessness, followed by high energy prices (29 percent), health and medical concerns (28 percent), stress over politics (22 percent) and concerns about war and global terrorism (12 percent).” Although these are all worthy concerns, they shouldn’t invade your sleeping mind. With the help of a natural sleep aid, you can gain the ability to put your mind to rest no matter what’s on it.

Listening to our audio sleep aid will allow you to program your mind to form good sleep habits and then accelerate that routine to fall asleep faster.  Along with our methods to allay sleep problems, you might also take the suggestion of the article to create a sleep haven. “Stressed out Americans need to create their own bastion of peace so they can rest and renew their mind and bodies to handle the demands of modern life. Drake recommends turning your bedroom, or hotel room when traveling, into a sleep haven, a place of peace and serenity that gives your body every possible advantage of achieving a restful night’s sleep.” We like that idea. Give yourself a fair chance at a good sleep, despite stress, with the help of a sleep haven and SpeedSleep.

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