Success Stories

Testimonial One

I would like to take a few minutes to let you know how much I enjoy your Speed Sleep CD. I use it a lot and when I’m not, I remind myself to use it at least once a week to refresh my mind. Let me tell you what this product has done for me – you are just not going to believe it! This CD has actually helped me to lose 20 lbs since I began using this product in April.

All my life (I am now 50) I’ve been a big guy – weighing around 300-310 lbs. Weight loss had always been extremely difficult for me and even during high school I weighed about 250 lbs and was unable to participate in sports.

In the segment of the CD when you are asked to open the treasure chest and find something in it that is important to you, I imagine a photo of me being thin. And since using this CD I have been able to focus on losing weight – and I swear to God, I’ve never been able to keep more than 15 lbs off at a time, and I have tried several special diets to no avail. My doctor is very impressed!

Also, the CD has made me able to focus on living life to the fullest and I am much better at zeroing in on what I want to accomplish. The CD has also made me smarter – in free time I enjoy doing the “Jumbles” and also the “Cryptology” that are in the local newspaper (I’ve enclosed a sample). The Cryptology, in particular, I can finish in one or two hours – not bad with just a high school diploma. I am also enclosing a very positive report from my doctor about my recent physical.

David C. Bolduc | Waterville, ME

Testimonial Two

Thanks ever so much for the Speed Sleep CDs. We now have several rooms listening at the same time, and we’ve already seen some hard-to-settle-down younger boys calm down and relax just knowing we are about to start the CD. One boy stated: “I know who is in the Treasure Box- it is Jesus, so I’ll be ok!” He had used to live in an abusive situation and was scared to sleep at night. We’re sure more good results are coming and we will try to report it to you. Thanks again!

Baptist’s Children’s Home | Owasso, OK

star star star star star Amazing!!!

Speed Sleep has truly revolutionized my life. I have believed that the proper amount of sleep is important for optimal function – I can feel myself dragging if I don’t get a full night’s sleep. But realistically, I can rarely sleep for the ideal 8 hours a night, so I’d find myself wanting to nap a few times a week. But inevitably I’d sleep for hours and still get up feeling groggy and unrested.

I was definitely skeptical when I first tried Speed Sleep – I find a choir of trumpets would be inadequate in rousing me from my naps. But it’s truly amazing! Each time I use it, I fall asleep faster and each time I am delighted when I find myself awake and recharged at the end of 25 minutes.

In the few weeks I’ve used Speed Sleep, I’ve not only saved hours of nap time but also became more productive during my increased waking hours. I would strongly recommend this CD – if you’re busy with work or school, Speed Sleep is a great tool to revitalize yourself quickly and increase your efficiency.

Merideth Wu | Chicago, IL

star star star star star It’s a Stress Buster Too!

You know how important it is to get peaceful to access your creative imagination and sense of balance. Well, Frank has produced an amazing tool to use that helps you do that.

I used Speed Sleep before a high powered client sales meeting and I woke up feeling calm, rested, and strong. I highly recommend this investment for your creativity, your sanity, and your health.

Marci Segal | Toronto, Canada

star star star star star My Second Cup Alternative!

When my energy gets low, I now have a choice: exercise, more coffee, or Frank Prince’s voice.

I’ve been to two of Frank’s sessions at the Creative Problem Solving Institute and having his voice on CD brings me back to that total relaxed and creative state I achieved during those sessions.

The audio quality is great, and because it’s a CD, very consistent as well.

If you’ve ever experienced those daily lows when all you can think of is heading for a nap, take Frank along. You will get the benefit of a nap plus a lot more, like some great ideas and solutions to problems. And don’t miss the second cut, a visualization exercise that will help you have a deep restful full night’s sleep.

That has got to be the best money I’ve ever spent.

Paul R. Rousseau | Belle River, Ontario

star star star star star

This is a great CD, great music, and great results.

Droll Hyena | New York, NY

star star star star star

I woke up one morning and tried the CD for the first time. I went back to sleep and woke up about 45 minutes later with the most peaceful feeling I think I’ve ever experienced in my life. I am definitely interested in trying track #2.

Adrian Brueggeman | Wilkes Barre, PA

star star star star star

This is the best sleep I’ve ever gotten! I used to wake up for school in the morning feeling groggy and tired, but with Speed Sleep, I can be as energized in the morning as if I’ve had a complete night’s sleep in just 25 minutes. It really helps me wake up and get ready for the day fast.

Matthew Varnell | Gloucester, VA

star star star star star

It’s like I’ve slept for 500 years in just 25 minutes!

Cody Lisonry | Houston, TX

star star star star star

Hello, my name is Nimesh Patel and I live in Chicago, IL. I purchased your CD and used it for the very first time this Sunday afternoon, and I immediately fell fast asleep. Now I’ve bought several CDs that promised to quickly guide me to sleep, but yours was the only one that delivered on its promise – and so quickly! Great work Mr. Prince! I plan on buying any other CD you create in the future.

Nimesh Patel | Chicago, IL

star star star star star

This CD works great. I have had problems going to sleep at night for a few years now, but I’ve gotten the best night’s sleep after listening to this CD. I get a few minutes into the program and I’m out for the night. When I wake up with my alarm clock at 5am, I feel refreshed and rested. Thank you for the relief.

Kevin Barry | Braintree, MA

star star star star star

I am a Family Nurse Practitioner who works 48 hour shifts in a rural hospital in the ER. I am in the facility for 48 hours at a time with varying periods of down time interspersed with periods of one emergency after another. I am on call all night, so I was beginning to wear down from the lack of sleep (plus I need to be alert for my job), so I searched for something to help me relax and recharge during my down time. I wanted to eventually train my mind to sleep even when I am on call and still wake up refreshed and ready to go. I have high hopes for this program – I just received it today and I’ve already done one session, and it was great – and I plan on trying the deep sleep tonight. This could be the answer for shift workers and those on-call professional workers everywhere.

Toby Miller | Kansas City, MO

star star star star star

I popped the CD in and I was expecting something like waves and rain, like I usually hear on sleep tapes. With Speed Sleep, however, I just turned it on and closed my eyes and in 25 minutes I was completely awake and refreshed! Thank you speed sleep!

It even put my dog to sleep for a couple hours! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…….

Bobby Szubrych | Chicago, IL

star star star star star

As an NYC resident living with the high noise and stress levels inherent to city dwelling, getting a good, restful night’s sleep can be somewhat of a challenge. Speed Sleep has given me the best night’s sleep I’ve had in years. I recommended it to all my friends and clients who suffer from insomnia.

Mary Louise Chlebina | Long Island City, NY

star star star star star

I am a professional tour bus driver, and like the others I was bit skeptical at first, but I was pleasantly surprised by the CD. My schedule is always a little bit hectic, and while I do have enough time to sleep, after driving long distances I was always too keyed up to take advantage of it. Now all I do is plug in my earphones and let the Speed Sleep system work! Thanks again for a remarkable product.

Johnny Allison | Alton, IL

star star star star star
Speed Sleep is truly AMAZING! I’m a biology and geology teacher at West Orange High School in New Jersey – and lately I hadn’t been getting any sleep at all.

While reading a recent issue of Scientific American magazine, I saw the ad for Speed Sleep and I read it carefully and finally decided to buy the CD.

I play it every night as I’m trying to sleep, and the darn thing works just as advertised! I have been getting a deeper sleep than I’ve ever experienced before in my life – it is excellent. It works for my wife as well – she used to wake up many times during the night, but now she is sleeping deeply until her alarm clock goes off.

The process works every night, even when I come home from school very aggravated. Thank you for creating this CD. I’m very grateful – it has helped my stress levels and lowered my blood pressure and I manage to sleep deeply all night!

Mark Grebler | Freehold, NJ