Today Is National Napping Day

We all lost an hour of sleep over the weekend due to daylight-saving time, however, we can all get that hour back because today is National Napping Day. 

Started back in 1999 by William Anthony and his wife Camill, National Napping Day was originally designated to encourage the health benefits of napping.  Sleeping can often times take a back seat to life’s other activities, yet, sleeping plays a major role in how the body functions throughout the day.  During sleep, the human brain continues to function by controlling the breathing process, maintaining the heartbeat, sending various chemical signals and numerous other activities.  Deprivation of sleep can lead to mental, emotional and even physical problems later on down the road.  Often times, people will turn to un-natural sleep aids to force themselves to sleep, which doesn’t resolve the problem.  In order to receive all of the benefits that sleeping better can offer; it has to be achieved naturally.

Having said that, find yourself a pillow and blanket, or just a comfortable resting place, and take a well-deserved nap.

It’s a holiday, so take full advantage of it.

Get Some Sleep.

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