Too Much Sitting Can Cause Sleep Apnea

Putting in long hours at your office desk can have a negative affect on sleep.  Working hard is never a bad thing, especially in this economy, but studies have shown that long periods of sitting can actually increase your chances of developing a sleep disorder.

Douglas Bradley, director of the Sleep Research Laboratory at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, says that fluid builds up in some people’s legs after sitting for long periods of time.  The problem with the fluid comes in to play when people lay down at night to go to sleep.  While lying down, the fluid from the legs disperses throughout the body and eventually leads to the head area; that’s where the sleeping problems begin to appear.

The bodily fluids that have developed from sitting all day create pressure around the air passage known as sleep apnea.  The problem with sleep apnea is that it restricts the breathing process during sleep, causing blood pressure to rise and making the heart work harder to pump blood.  Not a good thing to have happen if a healthy lifestyle is something that is important to you.

It’s never a good thing to have sleep apnea, which is why there are some simple steps that can be taken to reduce the fluid build up in your legs.  Walk around at work.  Getting up from your desk to grab a drink, or walking around for 10-15 minutes outside can help distribute the fluids from the lower body.  It’s pretty simple to walk around for a few minutes so hold the excuses aside for the time being.

You will be sleeping better in no time.

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