Why Do Humans Need Sleep?

We know that we eat to give our bodies energy, we drink to stay hydrated, and we procreate to continue our species. For a long time scientists believed we slept simply to rest our tired bodies, however, we are starting to understand that sleep serves a whole variety of purposes. While some reasons we need to sleep remain a mystery, we do know that sleep is an anabolic process – one that rebuilds, repairs, and restores our body’s energy supplies after a long day. As you might guess, lack of sleep due to sleep disorders or other sleep problems can have a severely negative effect on your overall health.

Sleep also plays a key role in cognitive functions (memory, speech, and creative thinking) and brain development. As mentioned in the previous post, it helps us organize our memories and solidify learning – deep REM sleep is restorative for our minds as well as our bodies. It helps our brains process the previous day’s experiences and prepare for tomorrow’s challenges.

Although the fast pace of today’s culture may make frequent relaxing sleep seem like a luxury rather than a necessity, getting a good night’s sleep on a regular basis plays an important role in your ability to function properly and productively. While many people feel like sleep is a waste of time, it is actually a crucial period of rest and rejuvenation; people who sleep more deeply on a regular basis have improved memories and healthier bodies – they are more physically and mentally fit.

As evidenced by the number of reasons that humans require sleep, sleeping problems have a major negative effect on your overall health and fitness; however, regular use of the Speed Sleep techniques can alleviate and even reverse these issues over time.

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