You Don’t Need More Sleep. You Need Better Sleep!

Like most people, you have probably experienced the unpleasant feeling that occurs when your alarm goes off and you’re still exhausted. You think “man, I need to get to bed earlier” or “I need to get more sleep”. However, unless you are sleeping six hours or less a night, you are incorrect: you don’t need more sleep, you need better sleep.

Of course, we think listening to Speed Sleep is one of the best ways to improve the quality of your sleep, but there are many other things you can do to enhance your nightly rest. For instance, exercising (the Speed Sleep Health and Fitness tracks will help you with that), forming consistent sleep habits and bedtime routines, and even keeping yourself hydrated can all improve the quality of your sleep.

Individuals who make regular exercise a priority tend to fall asleep more quickly easily – and this makes sense, after all, because when you exert yourself physically your body starts craving restorative sleep. It only goes to follow that if you work out on a regular basis your sleep patterns tend to regulate themselves as well. On a related note, eating a healthy diet and staying hydrated also tend to help you sleep better, in addition to avoiding alcohol and caffeine right before bedtime. What’s more, consistent exercise and a more nutritious diet will enhance your physique as well – a nice side benefit of improving your sleep, don’t you think?



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